MA Menswear Final collection 2019

Meet me there 


My grandparents hugged me gently and asked me when can we meet again wistfully. We do not know when, maybe soon, maybe years later…maybe this is the last chance. 


One day in the morning, my grandmother called out my name holding an old photo album in her hands carefully saying that she wants to show me their younger selves back in the 50s and 60s for the first time. She shared her youthful and long gone memories of themselves nostalgically and it made me want to cry somehow. How come I did not ask about their time in youth before? I did not want to miss out anything about them and I felt frustrated as if there is not enough time to know everything about them.


She told me how much she loved to dress up as a young lady back in the days gently stroking her favourite dresses in her youthful pictures in the album. She said she wants to travel back in time just for once so she can remember everything more clearly. I told her that I want to go with her so I can share their memories together.


The day before I leave them, my grandmother brought a box to me. It was a pearl necklace that my grandfather gifted her back in their youth. The pearl necklace that embodied their youthful memories that I wished to know more. She handed it over to me as a keepsake of their memories and told me that I am a part of their memory. We share the memory wherever we are through the necklace and I shall remember them forever. 


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